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April Martinich

April Martinich born and raised in San Bernardino, CA, is an aspiring entrepreneur seeking opportunity and personal growth. I moved to the Pacific north west at 18 years old in search of better quality of life and work. After a few years in health care and a divorce, I decided to change careers and focus on new avenues of retail and customer interactions to provide for myself and two girls. I took online courses for business management through Baker College of Michigan (non-profit) in aspirations of eventually running my own business all while working and supporting my two children. My moment of opportunity came when I discovered Excalibur Enterprise in late October of 2016. Under the guidance and mentorship of Art Torres I have changed my life for the better. As of November of 2017 I was relocated to Kennewick, WA where I have been given the chance to run my own marketing firm and have finally become my own boss

William Montgomery

William Montgomery born and raised in Southern California, is a young entrepreneur in search of opportunity and growth always. I studied at the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne Fl and Forensic Psychology was My major. After graduation I excelled in the field of mental health while also working as an amateur sports official. In 2014 I worked a season of professional baseball in the American Association and returned in 2015 pursuing a career in Real Estate. In August 2015 I started working for A.Status Marketing and my life has changed for the better ever since. I have relocated to the Spokane WA and under the guidance Arthur Torres at Excalibur Enterprise inc have been given the opportunity run my own office.

Promotion Alert!

Congratulations to Jerret for your recent promotion to Assistant Manager! Just a few steps away from becoming an Account Manager! Excalibur Enterprise would like to Thank You for all your hard work, dedication, training and developing. Excalibur Enterprise is beyond honored to have you as part of the team!

Regional Meeting

Congratulations to our CEO Arthur Torres on being one of the few selected to speak at our regional meeting in Seattle! You have always been a leader that others could follow. We thank you for your enduring loyalty and diligence. We wish you continued success for many years to come.


Congratulations to our CEO Arthur on getting selected to Speak at both of the biggest events of the year! Being selected out of the masses to represent the program and the business to impact the future entrepreneurs and business owners! How Amazing!

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